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None But Lucifer by Horace L. Gold & L. Sprague deCamp
None But Lucifer
by Horace L. Gold & L. Sprague deCamp
Price:$ 19.95

This classic novel was first published in 1939 in the magazine Unknown Worlds, and republished in Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine. It was anthologized but never before issued as a complete novel in book form. It is a unique work in the genre, a dark, Faustian satire that may also be taken seriously about a man who matches wits with the Devil himself. With this premiere of an important work of American literature, Gateways Retro SF sets the starting point to a revival of a series of legendary and influential masterpieces of the SF/Fantasy genre.

"The great stories that came out of this era were inspired by great editors—and the inspiration of Horace L. Gold, preserved in these pages, truly brought about science fiction's Golden Age." — Robert Bloch, Author of Psycho in his dedication to What Will They Think of Last by H. L. Gold, 1976.

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